2013 Reading List

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Have read:

  1. A Dance with Dragons by George R.R Martin
  2. Mansfield Park by Jane Austen
  3. The Winter Ghosts: by Kate Mosse 
  4. Sepulchre by Kate Mosse
  5. Return to the Big Fancy by Freeman Hall
  6. Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen
  7. Ghostly Tales Volume 1 by J.S Le Fanu
  8. Ghostly Tales Volume 2 by J.S Le Fanu
  9. The Last Templar by Raymond Khoury
  10. Uncle Silas by J.S Le Fanu
  11. Bridget Jones’s Diary by Helen Fielding (a re-read, not my usual style perhaps but I love this book.)
  12. Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason by Helen Fielding (another re-read)
  13. The Lady Chillers: classic ghost and horror stories by women authors (15 complete stories by Victorian and Edwardian mistresses of the macabre)
  14. The Mistletoe Bride And Other Haunting Tales by Kate Mosse
  15. Summer Falls And Other Stories by Justin Richards
  16. Early Irish Myths And Sagas by Jeffrey Gantz

Currently Reading:

  1. The Dark Volume by G.W Dahlquist *
  2. Bridget Jones: Mad About The Boy by Helen Fielding (abandonned for being too sad and not that funny)

Short stories I’ve read

I thought that my list wasn’t really complete because I have read short stories too but because I dip into anthologies from time to time I can’t say I’ve read the volume in its entirety this year necessarily. For example I may skip stories I’ve read previously. I’ve written about my fondness for old ghost stories before and I think they deserve their place on the list. So I’m going to start keeping track of those too.

  1. Green Tea by J.S Le Fanu
  2. The familiar by J.S Le Fanu
  3. Mr Justice Harbottle by J.S Le Fanu
  4. Carmilla by J.S Le Fanu
  5. Madam Crowl’s Ghost by J.S Le Fanu
  6. The Dead sexton by J.S Le Fanu
  7. The Child Who Went With The Fairies by J.S Le Fanu
  8. Ghost Stories of Chapelizod by J.S Le Fanu
  9. The Screaming Skull by F. Marion Crawford**
  10. A Strange Christmas Game by Mrs J. H Riddell (Charlotte Riddell)
  11. The Old House In Vauxhall Walk by Mrs J. H Riddell (Charlotte Riddell)
  12. Passage In The Secret History Of An Irish Countess by J.S Le Fanu (The story that grew to be Uncle Silas
  13. The Tapestried  Chamber by Sir Walter Scott
  14. The Cold Embrace by Mary Elizabeth Braddon

*The sequel to The Glass Books Of The Dream Eaters. Should be interesting as it’s been years since I read the first volume, I hope I can remember enough.

** Something which caught my attention; author’s note says that the idea was inspired by a Dorsetshire legend. I found it reminded me a bit of the Derbyshire legend of Dickie of Tunstead too. I dread to think how many screaming skulls are out there!


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