Writer’s block

23 Jan

Well I originally set up this blog to be a working diary for a creative writing course. I decided against the course in the end but the blog has stayed. I have a dream of being a writer but seem to be permanently blocked. Even  freewriting stream of consciousness nonsense in order to find a seed of an idea seems an impossible task these days.

I think this stems partly from the fact that I dream of writing a novel instead of just short stories. Unfortunately a novel length plot alludes me so I end up writing nothing. I sometimes come up with characters, locations, scenarios but never the actual catalyst and the end point that says ‘yes this is a plot!’ or words to that effect.

Now I have this blog I find myself with bloggers block too. I’m hoping that by blogging (probably ranting) I might spark good writing habits. I find however that my life being pretty dull I have remarkably little to say. So bear with me while I find my blogging feet and hopefully some worthwhile thoughts will occur to me as we go along

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