Book shopping spree

26 Jan

I have once again indulged in my weakness for books. Is it possible to have a book addiction? I confess love the collector’s library books, they are so beautiful! I found 3 waiting for me when I got home tonight. They are:

  1. Celtic Fairy Tales ( I like mythology and folktales and being half Irish I thought I’d give this one a go.)
  2. Classic Tales of the Macabre (Which contains ‘The facts in the case of M. Valdemar’ by Edgar Allan Poe Which if I remember right is pretty creepy! :/)
  3. Spinechillers.

The macabre tales are a an added extra for me, Although I occasionally like a bit of macabre horror in my stories which is where writer’s like Poe excelled I generally prefer to be spooked than horrified.

I am also expecting Songs of Innocence and Experience by William Blake  (Don’t laugh!) It’s not that I’m a big poetry fan but nor am I adverse to it. I saw it when I was buying the others and thought why not? I studied some of the poems in it as part of my G.C.S.E English studies many moons ago and I rather liked it so I decided to reminisce.

I have a few of these books now, the complete ghost stories of M.R James, Best Ghost Stories and Irish Ghost stories (Which is distinguished by the presence of Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu.)

I love M.R james’ stories, they are imaginative and always feel fresh. I am currently watching ‘Ghost stories for Christmas.’ It is the box set of the BBC adaptations of his works plus a couple of other authors including Dickens’ the signal man. So far I am loving it especially the Christopher Lee readings which I remember being on TV. Of course no adaptation can truly capture the atmosphere that his writing generates, where your imagination is left to run wild.

M.R James himself was appreciative of Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu’s work. Although the stories of his which I have read so far are not always perhaps as original as James’s work in subject matter he has a remarkable knack for telling a story that really gets under the skin and leaves you just a little bit nervous about turning out the light. Plus he’s Irish so extra points for that 😉

All in all you’ve probably noticed I have a bit of a passion for old ghost stories. There is something so atmospheric about someone dragging themselves in from the gas lit streets to settle alone in a darkened room with no more than a fire and a few paraffin lights to cast light on their specters.

So that is a little insight into my reading habits at the moment. I am loving my kindle at the moment because I can read the authors mentioned above for free now which is wonderful and I’d strongly advise anyone who has a kindle and hasn’t experienced at least one of these authors to give it a go. If it’s free what have you got to lose?


One Response to “Book shopping spree”

  1. csbarielle January 26, 2013 at 8:06 pm #

    Actually, Katie McGrath of Merlin is also a bibliophile, so you are in good company! Whooo \Π/


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