Small rant about local recycling

3 Feb

I’ve been debating getting a new portable CD player. No I’m not a dinosaur I use it to play audio books at night and don’t have to worry about leaving an electronic device plugged in all night if I nod off. Since I dropped my CD player it still works but I have to thump it every time I change the disc or it wont play!

I already have one broken CD player and a draw full of broken headphones which I’ve been stock piling. I think recycling is great and worth doing. Just one problem. They put a label on things telling you not to throw them in the bin and we know how bad it is for the environment. Recycle now say ‘ simply drop them off at your local recycling centre’ Yeah that’s a lovely notion if you have one!  My nearest electronic recycling point is apparently 6.87 miles away. O.K that might not sound like much but when you don’t drive it might as well be a hundred miles. Nearly everything else is collected now why can’t we have electronic recycling points next to bottle banks? or a doorstep collection every quarter or 6 months?  Even the battery collection that was introduced seems to have disappeared. We were given a bag and told our batteries would be collected and a new bag left in it’s place for fortnightly collections. They took our bag on week one and we haven’t seen one since!

I don’t know if this springs from an assumption that working class people in the countryside don’t need electronic recycling because we don’t have electricity yet and we use oil lamps and tallow candles to find our way home at night after doffing our hats to the local squire.  Some of us are trying to preserve our planet and sometimes we are forced to do things that we don’t want to do and goes against our instincts such as chucking our used electronics in the bin.

Now in the interest of fairness I know budgets are limited and rolling services out to towns first makes sense so as to get to the largest numbers they can. It does feel however that with this and poor public transport  etc that the most rural areas  of countryside get forgotten. Our sole purpose is to provide taxes to the government. So long as they get those I’m not even sure they remember we exist. It can all get rather frustrating.

But enough of my grumpiness for one night ignore me I’m just in one of those moods. Tomorrow I will likely not find it in the least frustraing and wonder what the fuss was about. I do get taken by these strange  moods.


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