The Blocked Writer

4 Feb

My mind feels very restless lately and for the first time in a long time I feel an urge to write. Sadly however I still feel as blocked as ever. I’ve just completed day 6 of 7 at work (should have been 10!  but I changed days) so my brain is starting to feel a bit unresponsive. I’d like to write a well informed and intelligent blog but you’re getting this instead.

Perhaps on my day off I will start drafting a short story – If I can gather my thoughts into some sort if coherent form – and share my work in progress here. If I do get some good ideas I’m torn between putting them up on here and honing my skills or hoarding them up for later Kindle publication.

This will be immaterial however if I cannot get past this blockage. An unfortunate choice of words perhaps, it makes me sound constipated (nice.) In a sense though that’s how it feels. You have the urge to produce something and you know it’s in there but no matter how hard you strain it ain’t coming out. There, wasn’t that a lovely analogy? 😉 These are the kind of gems you’ll get if you read my blog, oh yes.


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