Snow day?

5 Feb

Ok they said there may be some snow. I was not expecting this! We are once again white over. I am supposed to be at work today but my boss has said we’re not going in this morning and I’m to wait and she’ll let me know later if we are going to attempt it.

So I’m sat here blogging in my uniform, I can’t get changed because I might get a phone call any minute. Not knowing is annoying, I don’t want to start a DVD in case I have to dash off, same with getting into a good book, or attempting to write. I am in snow day limbo.

So I though I’d just post this blog for anyone who’s sat at home on a snow day or semi snow day like me.

I plan on doing a little blog about ‘Dancing on the edge’ later the new BBC show that started last night, featuring the lovely Angel Coulby from Merlin.  It of course also faeatures the equally lovely Anthony Head, Also previously from Merlin. Stay tuned folkes!

*edit* I’ve been to work and now I’m back again. We made the effort at least


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