Catching Up

2 Apr

Well, It’s been a while since my last blog and I’d like to say it’s because I’ve been incredibly busy with exciting things but I really haven’t. In company with my friend I spent St.Patrick’s weekend in London attending the festivities in Trafalgar square.

St. Patrick's day Trafalgar Square 2013

St. Patrick’s day Trafalgar Square 2013

Alas we spent the weekend being rained on with freezing wind blowing in our faces. I have never looked more attractive (Yeah right). We didn’t even succeed in seeing the parade. At 1.35 the wind and rain was becoming unbearable after being out in it so long and as the parade wasn’t due until 2 o’clock we took refuge in the national gallery shop and came back out bang on 2 o’clock only to find the parade had already gone! I was not happy! But at least I got a couple of Van Gogh postcards from the gallery. so we consoled ourselves by going to forbidden planet to look at all the Doctor who stuff. I didn’t purchase this time though. I was very tempted by the tea time Dalek/Ironside though but it came in a set with Winston Churchill and I didn’t want the set. I haven’t really got room if I’m honest but I still like to geek out over the figures :D.
In fact after travelling all the way to London I came back with 1 dress, 2 postcards and 2 display books for my Doctor Who/ Merlin first day covers. Not my most succesful trip to date especially as the people who coupled up our return train carriages clearly were not aware that the alphabet does not begin at K and end at F. Still we took some not so artistic pictures of Big Ben and made it home safely so mustn’t grumble

DSC03363 .

Let’s hope our next trip in the summer is more succesful when we go to see Colin Morgan in the tempest. I’ve never seen Shakespeare performed live before (apart from a production at college) so it’s quite exciting, especially as it’s going to be at the Globe theatre


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