A week off and I still can’t escape!

14 Jul

Not so easy being nice

I don’t realise how much I dislike work, or more specifically customers, until I’m not there. It’s been hot this week and I’ve been sat in the garden working up my tan and reading my books. Really I should be catching up on coursework but I just want to enjoy the blissfulness of nothing. No customers, no bosses and no stuffy shop without air-conditioning or windows.

Although as I’m sat here writing this I can’t help but count down the days I have left before returning and I’m hoping beyond hope I don’t get welcomed back by people shouting at me. I seem to get complained at least once a day when I genuinely haven’t done anything wrong.

Once I was serving an elderly lady and although she was quite old she seemed to be able to manage by herself without me faffing about around her so I helped her find a pair of…

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