Heat wave

19 Jul

I know we in Britain have a reputation for bad weather. We moan that it’s too cold it’s too wet it’s too snowy. Well now I’ll say this it’s too hot! I’m cold 70% of the time and also feel less exposed if I have my work jumper on (it covers my bloated belly better than the top alone) People laugh at me because I leave it on until halfway through summer if I can. )They don’t seem to get that I’m self conscious without it.)

The jumper is off though, no choice in the matter. Most of the UK is under a category 3 heat wave warning (4 is a national emergency) Seriously have you seen the news? they are having to grit roads in summer! because the roads are melting. You know what so am I. I’d settle for a nice luke warm be we are a nation of extremes apparently. Maybe people who live in hot countries all year round adapt to this but we are British, we don’t do heat. The first sign of a clear sky and it’s sunburnt flesh on display everywhere. Working in a shop I’ve also notice a lot of women just stop wearing bras when it’s warm; or do they never wear them and you just can’t see under all the layers we normally have to wear?

I can tell you I am not loving working in these temperatures in a shop with no air conditioning being stood up for 7 hours a day. My poor feet.

Anyhow just my random thoughts on this distinctly un-British weather 🙂


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