Guilty Pleasure 5 – Living In A Time Warp

27 Jul

Ok time for perhaps my guiltiest guilty pleasure. I confess I was born a little bit middle aged even my taste in clothes (if I had the choice) and music is old fashioned. As a teen I didn’t call a help line because Take That split up, I didn’t do back flips for Boyzone, I didn’t worship East 17 no, no, no. My musical tastes and even the TV shows I liked best were from another era.

I loved the Beatles, Elvis  and the Monkees. I watched the Monkees, Elvis Movies (some were shockers!), Monty Python, Bewitched and I dream of Jeannie. I even used to be a member, and technically still am, of an internet message board devoted to the Monkees and had some good times there in my youth. If only I could have wiggled my nose like Samantha of blinked like Jeannie and made things happen, oh the fun I could have had 😀

In reference to the Monkees I will make this point; OK I know most people claim to love the Beatles and look with scorn on the Monkees especially as they are considered to be a manufactured group and that carries a stigma with some;  so even with people who don’t think my taste in music is weird I still sometimes feel the need to defend my liking for this particular group.

If people could look past the manufactured label they might see an interesting historical phenomena. Yes the music was always intended to be a part of the Monkees but the music was only one part of it. It was primarily a TV show about a band who wanted to be famous like the Beatles. A madcap 60’s TV show; light hearted fun taking the occasional poke at the music industry and modern culture and putting out some cheerful tunes. The cast of a TV show that eventual ended up evolving into a pseudo version of the TV show band until the whole thing spiralled out of control. Like their music or not the history of the group is an interesting one.

I might be in the minority here but I feel like there is too much snobbery around music ‘your taste in music is bad’ ‘ There not real artists unless they’ve worked their way up from the clubs’ ‘Pop music is rubbish’ ‘This music is old, so it’s crap’ Personally I’m sick of it. The whole principal of music is about what it makes you feel, it’s about emotion and inspiration about speaking to something inside you and moving you.

This might be shocking to some but I don’t believe there is a right or wrong answer in music. To me most modern music sounds like noise but if someone else likes it that’s great that they’ve found something that speaks to them. Justin Bieber may not be my cup of tea but I wont tell someone their taste in music is shit (except as a joke) because as long as they are taking something from it is fulfilling it’s purpose; just as I wont tell someone who likes heavy metal that they should listen to his greatest hits everyday until they learn to like it because ultimately music is personal.

Anyway that’s the lecture section over with back to the blog 😉 but seriously all the things I have spoken about in this series of guilty pleasures have set me apart  most of my life from my peer group. (There are other bigger reasons which I might talk about later.) A shame but then my interests are what makes me who I am so I refuse to feel ashamed of my tastes. As I’ve gotten older I’ve started to meet the occasional person who doesn’t laugh at my interests and sometimes shares them. I do have a colleague at work though who laughs at my taste in music and says that I like ‘solo mouth organs of the 1940’s’ cheek!

In some ways I think I used the 60’s particularly as an escape from all the unhappiness I was going through. I sometimes feel  I was hiding in the 1960’s, it was a kind of escapism for me and right or wrong it got me through. I don’t indulge in that side of me as much anymore; new interests have drifted into my life and I’ve changed a bit but not so much.

In 2011 the Monkees (well 3 of them, no Mike) came to England for an anniversary tour. I figured it was probably my last chance to see them, so my sister and I went.

Peter Tork, David Jones and Micky Dolenz on tour in 2011

Peter Tork, David Jones and Micky Dolenz on tour in 2011

The Monkees May 2011

The Monkees 2011 UK tour

It felt a bit like I was saying goodbye to that part of my life, to my teenage self. I didn’t realise just how true that was, just 9 months later David Jones, who had been my favourite Monkee, died. Very sad, so I’m glad I went and I met them briefly too and got autographs.

David Jones

David Jones May 2011

So there we go my 5th guilty pleasure. I realise that this post was mostly Monkee related but I’m just using them as an example to illustrate my points they were just one part of my little time bubble. The other artists and shows I mentioned were just as important to me. There will always be a little space in my heart for them and they will remain a pleasure with varying degrees of guilt 😉


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