Struggling With The Muse

31 Jul

Well I have a few days off work and I wanted to spend at least some of that time writing. The problem is I find myself still without inspiration. After my previous post about ad-lib writing I thought that might be worth a go but I’ve still not found the courage. I thought even if I’m ad-libbing I should really have an idea as to genre and period.

My short story experiments up until now have been set in the Victorian era but I don’t know whether I want to stick with that or if I want to try fantasy something modern.  I’m not sure I’d be comfortable writing in the modern era simply because to write adventure stories seems to require a lot of research into forensics, law and computers. Not that I’m opposed to research but the modern world is so technical I’d just end up saying something really stupid and looking like an idiot. It’s one thing to tell people you’re an idiot and another to show them.

There’s the Bridget Jones style rom-com of course. I liked Bridget Jones even though its not my usual genre, I’m not a romantic by any means. To be honest I think I’d feel a bit silly and self-conscious writing anything with a love interest at the heart of it.  Then again the romance doesn’t have to be centre stage and romance in fiction is a kind of fantasy.

I suppose the golden rule is to write the kind of story you want to read. I’m not sure anyone else wants to read the kind of stories I do though! I think I’m a bit outdated before I begin. I’d love to write a fantasy or a supernatural novel. Fantasy though requires a huge imagination, which frankly if my output is anything to go by I lack. The supernatural novel is a tricky one. I don’t know of many supernatural novels; the classics, certainly, are nearly all short stories or possibly novellas. Of course there are some supernatural novels but I think it’s a genre that probably lends itself better to short stories.

How do you develop a supernatural story that can be sustained throughout a novel length telling. I suppose it inevitably has to bring other elements into the mix such as horror, romance or mystery.

The truth is that I worry I just don’t have the imagination that is needed to be a writer. I may be able to shape words when I want to, but I can’t invent the story to shape them around.

Has anyone else had similar experiences? Feeling like you could do it if you just had the story? I feel like every idea I come up with I either hate or can see no way to shape a story out of it.

Is it really possible to make a competent story up as you go along with nothing more than a vague premise at best? Or will it just become a rambling nonsense with no story and no ending.


2 Responses to “Struggling With The Muse”

  1. Christina July 31, 2013 at 8:00 pm #

    I feel the same way, especially lately. I wish you luck on your writing!


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