Writing Something Original Is Hard

7 Aug

Well, tomorrow I’m faced with going back to work after 12 days off. Why is it that the longer you have off the worse going back feels? I’m about up to the crying and rocking in the corner state of mind now, but anyhow.

Over the last few days I’ve been trying desperately to get some writing done before I go back. I’ve managed to draft the opening paragraphs to 2 short stories. I know in each case

  1. The setting
  2. What the “haunted” object or building is

The problem is I have no clue what my “ghost” is or what they’re looking for or want etc. I have had a few ideas but so far I’m struggling to find something which both fits with the scenario I’ve set up and also isn’t too clichéd.

It makes me admire the inventiveness of the classic ghost story writers all the more. Coming up with an original take on an apparition or haunted house etc is not an easy task. I suppose you could say that there are a limited number of themes running through ghost stories anyway so finding something new and making it your own is no mean feat.

I hoped if I started writing, inspiration would catch me up later, but inspiration is running late again. I often have this problem I can have a scene, a scenario, a conversation or an opening paragraph in my head and absolutely nowhere to go with it. Maybe once my mind is back on work an idea will spark because I’m not thinking about it so much.

Wish me luck!


2 Responses to “Writing Something Original Is Hard”

  1. csbarielle August 7, 2013 at 7:33 pm #

    Most ghosts have a reason. Mostly because something tragic happened to them, or even an injustice. Perhaps your ghost could be the latter, looking for justice 🙂


    • daydreaminginwords August 7, 2013 at 7:39 pm #

      I’ve a justice idea for one at the back of my mind but I need to thrash out the details. The other I want something darker for I think


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