Back To Work

8 Aug

Well that’s my first day back at work done and I’m feeling pretty tired; not just physically but mentally. I haven’t adjusted back to filtering out the ridiculousness which is on occasion supplied by the British public yet.

There was a customer today who said that the sandals she wanted didn’t fasten as tight as she needed and she wanted to know if we had a thing to punch extra holes in. We told her we didn’t and she went ‘Really that’s amazing!’ I didn’t know what else to say other than say ‘is it?’  and smile.  She then proceed to stand next to me and stare at her feet for about 5 minutes, now all the staff are staring and it’s getting awkward. Then she starts saying she doesn’t know whether anyone will do it. There’s a few cobblers in our area I’m pretty certain at least one will put a hole in a strap!

Why is it amazing that we don’t alter shoes? we are a shoe shop, not a cobblers, repairer or manufacturer. If you went to most of the big shoe stores I doubt they’d have a punch either. We used to years ago but it broke and we never got a new one, but that’s not the point! 😉 I’d hardly class it as amazing. If that’s amazing to her she must go through life be permanently in awe. If she ever looks up at the stars at night and contemplates our small part in the universe, do you think her mind will be blown?


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