Pocket Watches

17 Aug

I seem to have developed a bit of a fascination with pocket watches recently. I kept eyeing up those mini ones on pendants when I saw them. I couldn’t make up my mind on one though, I’m so indecisive, so my friend bought me this which I love:

Alice in Wonderland Pocket Watch Pendant

Alice in Wonderland Pocket Watch Pendant

back of Alice in Wonderland watch

It’s an Alice in Wonderland watch in case you were wondering. It’s very cute. Not sure about the suggestion of madness though 😉

I decided though that I quite fancied a mechanical one too. So far I’ve not found one that small with a wind up mechanism they are all full sized ones. So I bough myself this stylish little number:

Shoppewatch pwmsk18

Shoppewatch pwmsk18 mechanical pocket watch

Pocket watch face

Pocket watch back

Pretty isn’t it? I find the fact that it runs by winding up instead of batteries fascinating. I can’t understand why battery powered watches are more popular. Batteries go flat, they leak, if the back of the watch is tight you have to go to a jeweller some of whom who will charge you the price of a new watch to change the battery for you. You’d think a wind up watch would be considered more environmentally friendly wouldn’t you?

Plus pocket watches are cool. I think I may be starting on a Victoriana phase!

Still on the look out for a tiny mechanical watch pendant though.


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