One book finished, on to the next

20 Aug

Yesterday was my day off so I took the opportunity to finish off Uncle Silas- A tale of Bartram Hough, A Victorian Gothic novel. Hopefully I’ll do a short review at some point when I have a  bit more time.

So I’m now in that period of mourning that comes after a book and you have to say goodbye to the characters and let their stories go. I was torn whether to read a modern book next or another oldie, so I chose to read a modern book set in the Victorian era: The Dark Volume. The Dark Volume is the first sequel to The Glass Books Of The Dream Eaters which was one of the weirdest books I’ve ever read. I’m hoping I can remember enough of the original for the sequel to make sense as I have left it for a long time between volumes. Here’s hoping.

For anyone who hasn’t read The Glass Books Of The Dream Eaters I’ll attempt to describe it briefly.It’s definitely an adults only book this one. A young heiress who has just been casually dumped by her fiancé sets off in search of answers and ends up involved in a mad adventure involving a scarred assassin nicknamed Cardinal Chang and a Doctor who has been stuck with the job of baby sitting a self indulgent prince.  They are on the trail of a mysterious glass which can record thoughts and memories, especially those of an cough* intimate nature. There are unlikely friendships and enemies everywhere! Here’s a link to the book on Watersones :


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