To Chesterfield And Beyond – New Sci-Fi Show Set For Chesterfield Debut

30 Sep

Captain QuasarCreative opportunities may be few and far between in the Derbyshire Peak district, but that didn’t stop one Chesterfield resident reaching for the stars.  Graphic design graduate and former performing arts student Andy Buckland had a vision; A vision of stars, intergalactic heroes and phallic shaped space craft. That vision became The Amazing Adventures Of Captain Quasar,  a spoof, sci-fi, web based series promising to pay homage to, as well as poking gentle (or not so gentle)  fun at vintage sci-fi.

With this noble mission in mind Andy recruited a group of like minded friends to his cause, including college friends Emily Upton and Nick Lewis.  Such was Andy’s dedication to making Captain Quasar a reality, that he went so far as to convert his kitchen into a spaceship! (Dedication, or an elaborate excuse? ) This is homemade sci-fi fun on a shoe string budget; one the boys of The Big Bang Theory would be proud of.

As well as playing the lead role of Captain Quasar himself, multi-tasking Andy has written, directed and edited the project too. This really is a labour of love for this enthusiastic bunch.  Hopefully they will serve as an inspiration for other intrepid creative types, thinking of venturing into the world of independent film.

Captain Quasar – Episode one makes it’s debut at 8pm on Friday 4th of October at Chesterfield’s Winding Wheel Theatre, admission is free!

I hope to be able to bring you a review after the show, with more details.

Why not show your support by checking out the official Captain Quasar trailer here:

* WARNING: CONTAINS ADULT THEMES* ( Don’t say I didn’t warn you 😉 )

2 Responses to “To Chesterfield And Beyond – New Sci-Fi Show Set For Chesterfield Debut”


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