The Complicated Life Of A First Time Writer.

7 Jan

O.K the title says first time writer but really it should be writer publishing for the first time. I’ve never exactly been prolific and probably never will be. This is partly because I don’t generate plots very easily, partly because I get…….distracted and partly because I’m a perfectionist.

I have however set myself a, I hope, achievable goal. I intend to register as self employed (and employed) and publish my short story collection in April; To be precise probably April 6th because it’s the new tax year and it seems like a sensible time. Now we’ve reached the new year though and the book isn’t finished, but I hope to fix that soon. Now though I’m having an OMG this is real, this is actually happening, moment. I’m excited but also scared; being self employed is a big deal for me. I’m not good with paperwork and all that tax and legal language confuses the hell out of me. No I can’t afford to hire an accountant for what will if I’m lucky be a few pence worth of sales.

I’ve never had a lot of self confidence and this is a big step for me, putting my work out there and opening myself up for ridicule. A couple of bad reviews and I’ll probably never write again. Anyhow I thought I’d share my thoughts on the process I’m going through. Let’s just hope I don’t panic and change my mind!


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