Too Fussy To Read?

14 Jan

I started thinking about which books I wanted to read this year; I have a few on my Sony reader from way back before I got my Kindle which I haven’t read yet. There’s a couple of paperbacks left over from my, post Da Vinci code, religious conspiracy theory stage. One of these, The Sanctuary, is written by the same Author who wrote The Last Templar, Raymond Khoury; so I might leave that where it is or give it away. I’m certainly in no hurry to read it. (Does anyone know if it’s any good?) I also got a new paperback from a friend for Xmas: House of Echoes by Barbara Erskine, which I’m looking forward to (I do love a spooky book!)

But then I started looking at new books. I looked at the ones recommended on other blogs etc. and the blurbs just don’t grab me. Now I don’t know if I’m missing out on  some great books by being too fussy. As much as I love books, I do find it difficult to find book that I really want to read. I wonder if maybe it’s because I’m drawn to books that don’t reflect real life too closely. To some extent the act of reading is about escapism; perhaps I find it easier to escape with a book that’s further removed from everyday life i.e. historical, supernatural, fantasy.

It sounds terrible but I confess that the blurb for lots of books just bore me. I don’t want 300 pages of people dealing with an emotional crisis as their family falls apart; I want a rip roaring adventure, or some witty banter, or a long lost juicy family secret, perhaps in an historical setting with a ghost popping up for good measure. Not that I mind a modern book with modern problems if there’s a good laugh thrown in, Bridget Jones for example. Now don’t get me wrong I’m in no way trying to detract from, what I am certain, are some truly wonderful and well crafted books, it’s just not my style; this is what I think the reason might be:

The truth is I can be depressed very easily by life I don’t need a book to encourage me. Sometime just watching the news makes me depressed of angry or both (usually confused as well.) Listening to a sad song can effect my mood  sometimes too, but we are all effected by music, aren’t we?

Also, I find whether it be music, books or television I find I’m often bored rigid by the things other people find fascinating. My tastes tend to differ from the accepted mainstream.

Whatever the reason I do wonder if I am missing out. Am I being too fussy? Have I missed some brilliant books because I’ve, literally, judged a book by its cover?

Are there any books anyone would like to recommend that they think I’d enjoy? Perhaps you know a book which you think will change my mind and broaden my reading horizons? All suggestions will be considered.


2 Responses to “Too Fussy To Read?”

  1. hannurr January 14, 2014 at 6:20 pm #

    I do hope you like house of echos. I’m in two minds about it now. It’s a little cliche but still a good read.


    • daydreaminginwords January 14, 2014 at 6:40 pm #

      Oh I don’t mind a bit of a cliché so long as it’s well written. Most ghost stories have a bit of cliché about them. 🙂 I’m going to start on it as soon as I finish the one I’ve got on the go.


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