The Make-Up Bag Dilemma

3 Feb

I’m one of those people who use make-up infrequently. I’m not very good at it and I’m pretty lazy. Plus there’s a piece of me that feel that I shouldn’t have to put make-up on to be socially acceptable; people should like me the way I am. It sounds like a strange thing to say but somehow I feel like when I wear make-up I’m being dishonest, like I’m hiding me. Let’s be clear I’m not talking about all girls who wear make-up, far from it, I’m just talking about me.

When I wear make-up I feel like an ugly girl trying to be something she’s not i.e. pretty. I feel like I should just accept my ugliness and fade into the make-up-less background instead of trying to fit in. Either that or I feel like a small child that’s been playing in her mother’s beauty bag. I do like to wear a little make-up from time to time but have learnt through experience that most colours don’t suit me. Nude pastel, natural looking shades are my colours. Which lead me to the point of this post.

Because I only wear natural make-up and I live in a the countryside, otherwise known as the pseudo middle ages, I have to buy online because nobody here sells the stuff. Picking eye-shadow colours online isn’t easy because you can’t try them, they look different in reality and the colour you thought was so you turns out to be completely unwearable. The result is I’ve ended up with a lot of colours I never wear. Some I thought would be ok if I used them as eyeliner. Problem is I usually don’t wear eyeliner. If I do wear a eye-shadow as a liner I like to be subtle because I’m pale with little eyes.

I did manage to buy some bare minerals in an actual shop with a friend. They were £14 a jar!!! not cheap by any means. I picked some colours I liked and a brown which I thought was too dark but my friend thought would be good for definition. She knows more about make-up than me so I bought it. I’d been using them for a while when I made a discovery. I’m an idiot. Yup that’s right I was fooled by bare minerals. I thought their pigments were all mineral pigments; that’s what the name suggests to me. My error. It turns out they are bare minerals and dead bugs.

I hadn’t realised I had been smearing cochineal on my face. I’m vegetarian, although not a militant by any means, after all these kind of accidents happen, but I was still seriously annoyed.  The tester pots were just open pots with no ingredients listed and I didn’t ask because I thought they were purely mineral shadows like Inika. Obviously I didn’t receive the pot with the ingredients on until I’d bought it. It might have been my error but I think they should be clearer about what their products contain.

Anyway, ranting aside, the upshot is I have a bunch of eye-shadows and foundations in the wrong colours that I never use or can’t use, or feel guilty about using. I’m becoming aware of make-up use by dates especially with natural products. I do have some Inika powder eye-shadow pots which I think must be passed their date but I do still use because they still seem to be OK and they are just minerals. If the colour, consistency and smell haven’t changed it’s probably OK right? Question is do I bite the bullet and throw out the colours I don’t use? Easier to try and use up 2 slightly out of date colours than 12 right? Thing is, I don’t feel like I’m throwing make-up away I feel like I’m throwing money away. Which is kind of what I’m doing, especially with bare minerals. But surely it’s pointless to keep them if I don’t wear them and won’t wear them?

Using make-up by it’s date is hard when you don’t wear it regularly. I’ve started wearing it more often to try and use some of it up.  So do I just go for it and chuck the stuff I don’t wear and dispose of the less frequently used ones as I go until I’ve got a capsule set that I will use?


2 Responses to “The Make-Up Bag Dilemma”

  1. SarahClare February 3, 2014 at 5:49 pm #

    I’m terrible for buying make-up and never using it. I like the colours… but it’s usually a colour that doesn’t suit me. So every few months I have a clear out. I don’t feel like it’s a waste of money because I wouldn’t have felt comfortable wearing it on my face, so it’s better off in the bin.

    I like wearing make-up.. I just can’t be bothered with it when my alarm goes off in the morning.. Stand by the sink and slap all that crap on my face? Ooorrrr sleep for a few extra minutes?

    Sleep always wins.


    • daydreaminginwords February 3, 2014 at 6:31 pm #

      Same, half an hour in bed or half an hour trying to cover up the bags caused by not having that half an hour in bed. Tough choice!


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