Writing Pressures

13 Feb

As those of you who follow this blog know, I was aiming to publish my short stories in a collection on 6th April; the tax year seemed like a good date to aim for. Well, unfortunately for various reasons I’ve not reached the stage I wanted to be at. I need to finish stories as well as start some new ones. In short I’m not going to make my self imposed deadline.

I’ve decided to scrap my deadline and just concentrate on making the book as good as it can be. I don’t want to rush it and publish something mediocre for the sake of making my own deadline. It’s my first book and I owe it to myself to make it as good as I can. I want it to be something I can be proud of. I think rushing would lead to editing mistakes etc.

So my new attitude is keep plugging away and it’s ready when it’s ready. Anyway that’s my little writing update. 😊


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