Frustrations Of The Day Job

14 Feb

Today was one of those days, one of those days when the rain was more plentiful than the customers. But then water flows more easily than cash these days. Yes it was one of those days the stands were full, the shop was as clean as anyone could, in all honesty, face making it. One of those days when you are so bored that you no longer even have the motivation to do anything because the tedium of it would add to the mind dribbling boredom.

On days like today, when you are bored and restless and your boss is looking at you like you killed all his customers, you begin to think of all the things you could have been doing if you weren’t obliged to die a slow death by retail in order to survive. I was thinking of the stories I could be finishing, of what I would call my book, of whether writing can ever be anything more than a dream for someone like me. I wondered if this is it? Do I just stagnate forever or until my services are no longer required? Then what? What else is there but the writing? There has to be that, and I’m not doing it because I have to work at my real job. On days like this the frustration of wasted time is obvious; shop assistants pacing the floor or huddled around radiators cold, bored and ultimately unappreciated. We dream of what might be.


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