Why I Chose Self Publishing

28 Feb

I knew when I started the book, so it’s not something I’m down about (yet),  but there are certain factors working against this book, in terms of sales, before it’s even finished. As we know traditional agents/ publishers are all about the sales. They aren’t going to invest in something with a potentially limited market, which is where self publishing comes in. Below are some of the factors which induced me to self publish rather than try my luck getting an agent. Feel free to discuss, share your own stories or offer suggestions.

  1. It’s a short story collection-  Traditional publishing doesn’t want to know. A first time writer with a short story collection might as well forget it. Many readers also don’t appreciate the short story format. Some people see a short story and think: ‘Not talented enough to write a novel.’ I already talked about this subject a while back. If you’d like to read that post just follow the link. Short Stories- An Undervalued Art Form?
  2. Supernatural fiction/ ghost stories – Again a limited market. I quite often see people online saying that they don’t like or tend to read supernatural fiction. Undoubtedly there are people who do love a good ghost story, but they tend to be picky, why? because it’s hard to find a really original supernatural story. Obviously I try to be original but it’s a tough audience 😉
  3. My writing style (in this book) Because this book is an homage to the old fashioned ghost story, and a personal challenge to myself, I have tried to create the voice of a Victorian narrator. I wanted (who knows why) to create a book that read like a real Victorian book. I didn’t want to write historical fiction with a 21st Century voiced narrator; it wouldn’t have felt right.  This creates two potential problems: a) I fail miserably and it comes across as a characateur and really fake or b) The reader will find the style alienating and jarring to a modern audience. The Victorian style is very wordy. You can read about my love of old books here
  4. It isn’t a celebrity biography – cynical, maybe, but I think you know what I’m saying.

Of course self publishing does present problems of its own; if I end up with historical anachronisms, or typos then I have no editor to pick up on it or share the blame with. I do, however, have the freedom to write something I love, if no one else does, and at my own pace. 😀


One Response to “Why I Chose Self Publishing”

  1. Harliqueen March 1, 2014 at 11:28 am #

    Great points, I don’t think self-publishing is for everyone, but I definitely think it’s something most writers nowadays should consider. The freedom to write and do what you want with your own book is such an advantage 🙂


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