My Return To Education

17 May

Following on from my previous post, I have signed up to continue my studies at the Open University. In October I start on The Arts Past and Present. I have mixed feelings about it; on one hand I’m excited to be doing something to stimulate my brain again. With the best will in the world I couldn’t describe my job as stimulating and debate, free thought and cultural exchanges are not exactly encouraged amongst the staff. On the other hand, given my previous difficulties, outlined in my earlier post, I am very nervous about trying again. I’m frightened of the same thing happening again.

Of course there are differences this time. I now work 4 days a week instead of 5 so I’ll have more time, I’m not going to try and force myself into a course with an exam, also I have now informed the OU of my mental condition so my tutor will be aware of my difficulties and why I don’t attend tutorials. I filled in a form online detailing my problems.

Of course I’d like to finish my degree but right now I’m thinking one course at a time. So wish me luck! 


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