Click Send, Then Proceed to Panic

6 Aug

Yesterday I decided enough was enough. I had proof read my book until my eyes hurt and I hated the site of the thing. The more I read it the more I convinced myself it was utter c***. So, I plucked up my courage and hit the submit button. My book is now being made print ready by the printers.

I now have to wait 10-16 days for feedaread to contact me and say it’s ready to go; at which point I will order a proof copy to make sure I’m happy with it. If I am I will let it go out into the world.

The problem is, as soon as I hit that submit button my brain started going: ‘You forgot to check this, you forgot to check that. You’ve probably made a massive grammatical error and everyone will laugh at you, and your book wont sell, and you’ll never write again, and everyone will say “I knew she’d never make anything of herself. Who does she think she is having dreams above her station”. ‘

So, yeah basically I’m now feeling sick and scared rather than excited. I’m beginning to think I must be crazy and I should have just stuck to retail.

Also not relishing the idea of going self employed. While I do like the idea of being a writer, I don’t like the idea of tax returns!


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