The First Sales Report

15 Oct

I received my first sales report for my book this morning. It was disappointing but not surprising. I should say that because book sellers report and pay for sales 3 months after the sale I wont actually have an accurate picture until April (feedaread only report and pay royalties twice a year.) So I can see how many feedaread have sold and how many Amazon (presumably) have bought to keep in stock , rather than actual sales to customers,  (which wouldn’t be eligible for payment until April anyway.) Long story short even if the Amazon order was eligible for payment this month I still wouldn’t have reached the minimum payment threshold. So I’m now a good bit out of pocket. So no money until at least April next year, quite possibly October. Doesn’t look like I’ll be leaving my job…. ever. I know it’s very early days but it’s hard not to wonder if things will ever go right for me. When will it be my turn? Anyway time to pick myself up, brush myself down, and keep on keeping on.


2 Responses to “The First Sales Report”

  1. S. R. Carrillo October 22, 2014 at 11:01 am #

    Gotta market!


  2. daydreaminginwords October 22, 2014 at 11:08 am #

    Oh I’ve been doing the Facebook and Twitter promotion lol. But low sales direct from feedaread isn’t surprising really I expect Amazon’s sales will be more promising. I’m looking at the possibility of getting an eBook version out so I can have more control over the price and reach new people 🙂


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