16 Oct

Ok I am a couple of months late doing this *insert excuse here* anyway I would like to thank Heather B Costa of Trials of a wanna-be-published writer for nominating for all these awards:angelaward The no strings attached angel award. All you need to do is accept it!wordpressfamilyaward Glad to be a part of the family 🙂 premiodardos Apparently this one means prized dart. It is for bloggers who transmit core human values through their writing, photos etc. very-inspiring-blogger11I’m just glad someone finds my blog inspiring. I do my best ( when I’m not ranting about something 😉 ) wonderfulteammemberrreadershipaward A blog is only as good as its readership. We are a team and I hope we can keep supporting and encouraging each other for a long time to come.innerpeaceawardFor this one you need to say why you are accepting it. I am accepting it because It’s been a tough year for me and I have been making steps, small ones at least, towards finding a little inner peace. So I’m accepting this as a sign of that on going commitment to myself. To accept these awards ( accept the angel award, that’s a freebee) Just accept the link to the person who nominated you and then pass them on to other worthy bloggers. My list of nominees is short because most of the inspiring bloggers out there have already received the awards sometimes more than once! If I’ve forgotten you I’m so sorry and I’ll probably add more names when I remember someone I forgot in the middle of the night! My nominees are : *drum roll* The war in my brain A writer’s life for me Silver linings project sensuousamberville


2 Responses to “Awards!”

  1. sensuousamberville October 17, 2014 at 4:17 am #

    Congrats on all the awards 🙂


  2. Mishka Jenkins October 17, 2014 at 1:08 pm #

    Congrats on so many awards! And thank you for nominating me! 🙂


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