Progress Update

12 Jan

I’ve got a few consecutive days off from work (hurrah!) So I’ve been trying to get some study done and hopefully some writing too.

On the study front I’m currently studying the invention of tradition in Irish nationalism as part of the Open University course, the arts past and present. I’m supposed to be doing the gothic revival this week and Ireland next week but I decided to switch them so that I’d have more time for note taking etc on Ireland because that’s the topic of my next essay.

As a half Irish, half English person this topic interests me a good deal, although, it isn’t necessarily comfortable reading. Definitely some mixed emotions going on.

In terms of writing I’m attempting to finish off the story I started a while back but had to put on hold due to my job and study taking up too much time. I dream of being able to quit the day job and just write and study but finances don’t permit. Trying to pick up the thread is proving tricky but I’m getting there. What comes next is harder; I need to complete two more stories but I don’t know what they will be yet! I have a few half ideas but no definite plot lines or outcomes in place. I need to have a bit of a brain storming session.

One more item of business. During my time at college I met a lot of creative people one of whom now does some graphic design work. He has now undertaken to design me some new book covers which I am quite excited about! It’s the same guy behind Captain Quasar which you might remember me blogging about the other year.

Oh well, back to work.


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