On the Evolution of Stories

13 Jan

Today I’ve been working on trying to finish the short story I had to put on hold a while back. I had the idea in my head I knew where it was heading but I just couldn’t seem to get it down op paper/screen. Or at least I did know where it was going. I started to write one laborious line after another making slow progress, but progress nonetheless. Then I started to worry that the ending was too predictable, too much of a cop out, too much like the ending of one of my other stories. Then suddenly a spark of an idea. It didn’t have to end the way I had originally planned. Maybe that’s why I was stuck, maybe deep down I knew the ending was wrong. O.K I’ve not quite finished yet and maybe when I do some will still think the ending is predictable but at least it will be the right ending.

Have you ever had a story start changing and evolving as you write? Do you ever feel like the story knows where its going even if you don’t?

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