Book Promo

18 Jan

Hey guys I decided to have another little book giveaway. If you’d like to download Mysterious Tales for FREE today just click here or on the book cover in the sidebar.

If you are good enough to download my book I’d really appreciate it if you left a review. Reviews are really helpful to us Indies 🙂


Three more Victorian inspired tales of the mysterious and bizarre from K.B Goddard, author of A Spirited Evening and Other Stories.

Would you spend the night in haunted room if your friends dared you to? That’s just what one man does in ‘The Haunted Chamber’ but the haunting isn’t quite what he was expecting.

‘The Inn by the Crossroads’ has a bad name amongst the locals. When lights are seen inside the abandoned inn one Halloween night it leads the villagers to wonder just who or what is inside.

Sir Henry Morston plans to build a new folly on his estate but it seems someone or something has other ideas. Is Sir Henry the victim of joke or is something else responsible for his woes? Is his building project doomed to failure? Find out in ‘Sir Henry’s Folly’.


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