Book Haul Delivered

12 Mar

New books!Look what got delivered this afternoon. Oh goody. You know as convenient as my Kindle is I get to miss paperbacks. I just love the feel and the smell of them. I like to gaze at the covers adoringly. It’s just not the same on a screen. Actually  I  only got my ereaders because I don’t really have room for more paperbacks. Don’t get me wrong though, I can’t fault ereaders for supplying me with large quantities of FREE classic fiction. Free because it’s out of copyright. Oh yeah, there’s a lot to be said for classic fiction. Still a paperback doesn’t go flat when you’re getting to the good bit. On balance  think I have room n my life for both.

I say I don’t have room for more paperbacks but I’ve just entered a Waterstones card holder competition to win 80 books. 80 book!!! Imagine if I won where would I put them all? What a nice problem that would be.



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