K.B Goddard and The Time Eating Monster

12 Mar

A weird phenomena has occurred in deepest darkest Derbyshire. A silent, stealthy creature has slipped into being and devoured my daylight hours. When I went on sick leave from my day job I thought I can take some good from this and spend more time on writing and studying. Those are things I enjoy and they are therapeutic in a way. But something very peculiar is happening. My daylight hours have disappeared, my notebook’s pages are still blank and my course books are still unread. Yet I swear I have been busy all day; but then the day has only been 5 minutes long because I swear it just began. Where the heck did my day go. How can I be busy all the time and never have anything to show for it? I’m sure you’ll agree that the only rational explanation for it is some previously undiscovered survivor from the prehistoric period that lives off consuming our daylight hours.

Or I suppose it could be that I haven’t learned to adjust to a new routine yet. Which I’d better learn to do soon as this looks like being a looooooong term state of affairs. I wanted writing to be my day job. This is not how I wanted it to happen.

I still think it’s the monster though.

‘where’s your next book?’

‘Please miss the time eating monster ate it.’


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