Shadows at the Door – Author Interview With Andrea Janes

25 Feb

K.B Goddard


Welcome back to my Shadows at the Door series. Joining us today is writer and ghost tour operator and guide Andrea Janes.

When did your first fall in love with the horror genre?

When I was around seven years old or so, I found these Alfred Hitchcock anthologies aimed at young adult readers, with names like “Witches Brew” and “Ghostly Gallery.” I thought they were amazing, and I had no idea I was reading people like Algernon Blackwood and Shirley Jackson and Robert Bloch! I just loved the stories!

Which subgenre/s of horror would you say your work falls into?

Ghost stories, definitely, and weird fiction generally. Stories that work with eerie feelings, bad dreams, and common fears like aging or isolation. In one of my stories, the entity was something I invented that I called a “cholera demon” who was a harbinger of sickness and…

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