Shadows at the Door – Author Interview With Mark Cassell

29 Feb

K.B Goddard

Mark CassellWhen did you first fall in love with the horror genre?

First up, I want to say thank you for having me here.

My love for horror? Apart from sneaky glimpses of horror movies as a child, I guess the pivotal moment must’ve been when my dad suggested I read James Herbert’s Magic Cottage. I was about thirteen years old and this novel snatched me into a world that kicked my imagination into overdrive.

Which subgenre/s of horror would you say your work falls into?

Dark fantasy and supernatural. I’m not one for a gorefest, and my horror leans towards psychological creeps rather than pathological freaks.

What is it about the horror genre that appeals to you as a reader and as a writer?

For me it’s the unknown, the unnatural, the supernatural. I’ve always wondered what exists on the Other Side, and I guess both my work and my…

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