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The Haunted Chamber and Other Stories – Cover Reveal

14 Aug

Here it is the brand new cover of The Haunted Chamber and Other Stories

Drumroll please


Ta Da!

Book Cover

Across the Finish Line

13 Aug

Well folks it’s been a hell of a year; ups and downs and merry-go-rounds. But finally I’ve done it. I’ve finished writing my second book. I’ve still got to give two of the stories a thorough proofreading etc. but the worst/best bit is over. Admittedly some of the stories were published earlier in a smaller volume but they never really sold so I’m not counting them :p

I am disappointed to not be able to release a paperback this time or a second edition paperback for my first book so I’ve decided on a compromise. Book two will come out only on Kindle for now but I have decided, all being well, that I will release the combined volume made up of both books as a paperback only. That way all the stories are available on Kindle and in paperback but I only have to worry about the cost of one paperback.

To celebrate this milestone and being one step nearer to publication I am planning on doing a couple of cover reveals, one tomorrow and one next week. Stay tuned folks.

Free Book Giveaway

13 May

Ladies and gentlemen in honour of this weeks Twitter Fiction Festival I have decided to make my new short story Lifting the Veil Available for free today. So if anyone wants to check it out and even leave me a review *insert winning smile here 😀 * Then just follow the link here or click on the picture below. Any and all downloads/reblogs/reviews gratefully received. Thank you. 🙂

Lifting the Veil: An Algernon Hunter Story by K.B Goddard

Lifting the Veil:
An Algernon Hunter Story

Take 2 – The Second Edition

19 Apr

I want to start this blog post with a warning. What follows is a truthful account of the blunders I have made during the self publishing journey. It might not be fashionable to admit that your book is less than a sparkling masterpiece but I feel it is important that self published writers share their experiences good and bad so that we can learn from each other’s mistakes and successes. Continue reading

My Self Publishing Journey – Feedaread vs CreateSpace

16 Apr

Hello folks, today was an important day for me; it was paperback royalty day from Feedaread. They only calculate royalties every 6 months and as book seller sales aren’t reported for 3 months I didn’t really get the picture back in October so today I was curious to see how my book went. Continue reading

Book Haul Delivered

12 Mar

New books!Look what got delivered this afternoon. Oh goody. You know as convenient as my Kindle is I get to miss paperbacks. I just love the feel and the smell of them. I like to gaze at the covers adoringly. It’s just not the same on a screen. Actually  I  only got my ereaders because I don’t really have room for more paperbacks. Don’t get me wrong though, I can’t fault ereaders for supplying me with large quantities of FREE classic fiction. Free because it’s out of copyright. Oh yeah, there’s a lot to be said for classic fiction. Still a paperback doesn’t go flat when you’re getting to the good bit. On balance  think I have room n my life for both.

I say I don’t have room for more paperbacks but I’ve just entered a Waterstones card holder competition to win 80 books. 80 book!!! Imagine if I won where would I put them all? What a nice problem that would be.



Book Haul

8 Mar

Hello all! Following on from yesterday’s post I thought I’d start off by sharing my book haul with you, which frankly is bigger than I intended (oops). Any how, I’ve just noticed, rather appropriately it being international women’s day and all, that barring  Neil Gaiman and  Dan Brown all the other books on the list are by women!


So what did I buy? I decided to get Akarnae  by fellow blogger Lynette Noni who’s journey many wordpress bloggers have been following. I treated myself to a couple of Susan Hill books for the spook factor, Printer’s Devil Court and The Small Hand. Then I got Inferno by Dan Brown, even though I haven’t read The Lost Symbol yet. I got The Shakespeare Curse by J.L Carrell, which is a sequel to The Shakespeare Secret which I read ages ago, about a serial killer who bases their murders on Shakespeare plays. I need to re read that before I read the sequel to jog my memory! Then came Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman and The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman.  (It’s got Library in the title, so yeah). I have also got a couple of unread paperbacks still knocking around and some epubs on my Sony ereader that I haven’t read yet so looks like I’ll be busy. Hopefully I’ll get around to reviewing some or all of them in due course. 🙂



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