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The Make-Up Bag Dilemma

3 Feb

I’m one of those people who use make-up infrequently. I’m not very good at it and I’m pretty lazy. Plus there’s a piece of me that feel that I shouldn’t have to put make-up on to be socially acceptable; people should like me the way I am. It sounds like a strange thing to say but somehow I feel like when I wear make-up I’m being dishonest, like I’m hiding me. Let’s be clear I’m not talking about all girls who wear make-up, far from it, I’m just┬átalking about me.

When I wear make-up I feel like an ugly girl trying to be something she’s not i.e. pretty. I feel like I should just accept my ugliness and fade into the make-up-less background instead of trying to fit in. Either that or I feel like a small child that’s been playing in her mother’s beauty bag. I do like to wear a little make-up from time to time but have learnt through experience that most colours don’t suit me. Nude pastel, natural looking shades are my colours. Which lead me to the point of this post.

Because I only wear natural make-up and I live in a the countryside, otherwise known as the pseudo middle ages, Continue reading

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