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New Paperblanks journal

2 Feb

Well my new Paperblanks journal arrived today and I just had to share it because it’s so beautiful. It’s a Grolier Ornamentali in midi size

DSC03350 (2)DSC03349DSC03337

Even the page edges are dyed to make a pattern. Ah they are my guilty pleasure 🙂



Paperblanks notebooks

29 Jan

I Just want to say I have a total obsession with these things they are so beautiful. I have loads of empty ones just waiting for me to fill them with masterpieces. I just love the look and quality of them. I don’t want to spoil them with my awful scribbles. If I ever finish writing a collection of ghost stories I’d love to write them up neatly (as neatly as I can :/ ) in this baby


I just have a bit of an obsession with stationery, that and boxes… no really especially wooden boxes, I know, weird right? In fact if you gave me beautiful stationery in a wooden box I’d probably just die.


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