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24 Jul

It has been a bit quite on my social media throughout winter/spring and I am now emerging wondering if anyone still remembers me. Back in October, I began the final module for my Open University degree. With the classification of my degree riding on this last year I decided I needed to focus my effort primarily on finishing my degree to the best of my ability.

My first novella, written over the summer and awaiting further edits, was put to one side. I took off my writer’s hat and fastened on my student’s hat.

Fast forward to last week and the degree results are in and my new book is ready to face the world. I am now the proud recipient of a BA Honours in Humanities (Creative Writing) 2:1 with a new novella waiting to be published!

2.1 is what I was aiming for so I was delighted when the results came in. While I was waiting for the results of my end of module assessment I had managed to half convince myself that I had failed it, that I had written the worst essay the examiners would ever have seen, that they would be shaking their heads at how I had the nerve to submit something so disastrous. Imagine in my relief when I got my results back and I’d scored the equivalent of an A and secured my 2:1 classification.

In regards to the novella, I am currently waiting for word from Feedaread that my book is ready to print and go live. In the meantime, the eBook is now available for pre-order with a release date of 18th August.

Below are the details for the new book. I’d be thrilled if you checked it out. ūüėÄ

“It was to be a summer of storms.”

A dark supernatural tale of love, obsession and power.

At the haunted auctions of Thornhill and Swift, where artefacts of the ghostly and the macabre are bought and sold, we learn of the statue entitled: ‚ÄėThe Girl with the Roses‚Äô.


Charlotte Salt has always dreamt of marrying for love but when she receives a proposal she realises that romance isn’t always the deciding factor in the Victorian marriage market.

Married to the eligible but secretive George Avery, she finds herself cut off from her family and friends when her husband takes her to live in his isolated Derbyshire home.

Trapped in a loveless marriage, she finds her thoughts turning towards her brother‚Äôs newly returned friend, the handsome Charles Jameson. In failing health and increasingly troubled by strange sights and sounds, she cannot help recalling Jameson’s mysterious warning: “be on your guard.” What danger did he foresee?

As dark forces surround her, she contemplates the fate of her predecessor. What happened to the first Mrs Avery?

In a summer of storms, can anyone save her from the shadows?

A Gothic horror novella from the author of A Spirited Evening and Other Stories and The Haunted Chamber and Other Stories.

Read A Review Of –The Girl With The Roses: A Tale From The Haunted Auctions.

Where to Buy:

Amazon US

Amazon UK



The Haunted Chamber and Other Stories – Cover Reveal

14 Aug

Here it is the brand new cover of The Haunted Chamber and Other Stories

Drumroll please


Ta Da!

Book Cover

Across the Finish Line

13 Aug

Well folks it’s been a hell of a year; ups and downs and merry-go-rounds. But finally I’ve done it. I’ve finished writing my second book. I’ve still got to give¬†two of the stories a¬†thorough proofreading etc. but the worst/best bit is over. Admittedly some of the stories were published earlier in a smaller volume but they never really sold so I’m not counting them :p

I am disappointed to not be able to release¬†a paperback this time¬†or a second edition paperback for my first book so I’ve decided on a compromise.¬†Book two will come out only on Kindle for now but I have decided, all being well, that I will release the combined volume made up of both books as a paperback only. That way all the stories are available on Kindle and in paperback but I only have to worry about the cost of one paperback.

To celebrate this milestone and being one step nearer to publication I am planning on doing a couple of cover reveals, one tomorrow and one next week. Stay tuned folks.

Take 2 – The Second Edition

19 Apr

I want to start this blog post with a warning. What follows is a truthful account of the blunders I have made during the self publishing journey. It might not be fashionable to admit that your book is less than a sparkling masterpiece but I feel it is important that self published writers share their experiences good and bad so that we can learn from each other’s mistakes and successes. Continue reading

My Self Publishing Journey – Feedaread vs CreateSpace

16 Apr

Hello folks, today was an important day for me; it was paperback royalty day from Feedaread. They only calculate royalties every 6 months and as book seller sales aren’t reported for 3 months I didn’t really get the picture back in October so today I was curious to see how my book went. Continue reading

The First Sales Report

15 Oct

I received my first sales report for my book this morning. It was disappointing but not surprising. I should say that because book sellers report and pay for sales 3 months after the sale I wont actually have an accurate picture until April (feedaread only report and pay royalties¬†twice a year.) So I can see how many feedaread have sold and how many Amazon (presumably) have bought to keep in stock , rather than actual sales to customers, ¬†(which wouldn’t be eligible for payment until April anyway.) Long story short even if the Amazon order was eligible for payment this month I still wouldn’t have reached the minimum payment threshold. So I’m now a good bit out of pocket. So no money until at least April next year, quite possibly October. Doesn’t look like I’ll be leaving¬†my job…. ever. I know it’s very early days but it’s hard not to wonder if things will ever go right for me. When will it be my turn? Anyway time to pick myself up, brush myself down, and keep on keeping on.

Book Publication and What Comes Next

22 Aug

First of all I’d like to start off by apologising for not getting around to reading and commenting on everyone’s blogs lately. Unfortunately I have been very distracted lately and when I am the blogging is one of the first things to fall by the wayside.

However, I am here now and I am officially a published author! it’s all feeling very surreal right now I can tell you. I have published my book: ‘A Spirited evening & Other Stories’ .


I have had to comply with with this law called legal deposit, which sounds very formal and scary; what it actually means is that I¬†had to send a copy of my book to the British Library to be stored for prosperity; apparently it’s been going on since 1662. That is a lot of publications! So now I’m waiting for my receipt for that.

I have also had to register as self employed on HMRC ‘s website; now that was scary. So I’m also waiting for confirmation from them and my shiny new tax number. This is all far too grown up!

Let’s see what else have I been up to? Oh yes, continuing my theme of being a grown up I have been promoting my official writer’s Facebook page, with Facebook advertising! How mad is that I’m advertising. OK you can probably tell that this is possibly one of the weirdest times of my life right now.

I have also paid to have my book put into bookseller distribution, which means big places like Amazon will be selling it in roughly 3-6 weeks. 

Let’s be honest, it’s possible my book¬†is riddled¬†with typos (because nobody I know is a professional proof-reader) and the cover hasn’t come out quite¬†at well in print as I’d hoped. But whatever happens, whether it sells or not, I did it. I set myself a challenge and I did it. It may not be a perfect book, but it’s my book. Besides, this process has taught me enough to help me a lot with my next book, if I ever get around to writing it.

I have actually started work on that front and I have a few half ideas I’m hoping to develop. So fingers crossed and here’s to getting the next book done and making it better yet.

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